Extended Tutoring: Target Group: Girls/Boys Grades 1st – 5th


The summer tutoring session will focus on Reading/ Math development. In some cases, youth may complete the reading/math enrichment drills before 6 pm, if this occurs we are requesting that parents supply their youth with an age-appropriate reading/math workbook that will remain on site for the duration of the summer session.



W.A.T.C.H. Great Debate: Target Group: High School Males


Great Debate Youth Empowerment Academy teaches teens the art of public speaking and the joy of creative writing. Through the program teens interested in visual arts, music, and public speaking will explore career opportunities in these fields. Throughout the program, teens will present their original works and new oratory skills at public performances. 



IMPACT Male Mentorship: Target Group: Boys Ages 7 - 13


This mentoring program will link at-risk males with mature males, in an effort to create well-rounded youth. The mentors will develop and strengthen relationships with young males ages 7 -13. These relationships will be fostered through objectives programming within four key areas; academics, culture, politics, and community services. Parents, please be available, via phone, between the above stated hours. Snack is provided for this program.



It Takes One to Make One: Target Group: Males Only Grades 6th  - 12th


This program provides a holistic approach and investigates career possibilities that might exist, in Chicago, through the development of a Community Garden.


G.O.A.L.S. (Go On And Live Successfully): Target Group: Males & Females Grades 9th - 12th

A newly designed violence prevention summer program with an emphasis on teaching youth how to “LIVE” life to the fullest, while discovering and developing the gifts that lie within them. WATCH’s new G.O.A.L.S. program offer academic and career development support to participants and focus on teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. 


Aunt Dicie's Book Club: Target Group: Males & Females Only Grades 1st  - 8th

This program invites children who live in the blocks surrounding 7700 South Carpenter, Chicago, IL 60620, to come to my home once a week to read and share stories of books on my porch.  After a few young teenagers coming to me to ask for help with reading, I thought It would be great idea to keep children engaged in reading doing the summer by inviting them to sit on my porch have a snack and read a book.

One Block One Porch One Book: Target Group: Males and Females Grades 1st - 8th


A spin-off of Aunt Dicie's Book Club. This program is open to blocks on the South and West side of Chicago who would like to take the model of Aunt Dicie's book club and make it their own in their prospective areas. The goal is to keep Children engaged in reading during the summer.