The Youth Empowerment Academy is a multi-purpose initiative that embraces a variety of creative mediums, with an infusion of arts integration programming.  Each participant is taken systematically through an inquiry and design unit that guides them through the seven cycles of successful enlightenment; which are frontloading and asking questions, gathering information and constructing knowledge, making knowledge visible and presentation and feedback.  Within that six cycles are the four steps of knowledgeable growth which are cooperation, trust, problem-solving and challenge.  The cycles and steps are displayed throughout the duration of the program via four distinct modules. 


The modules focus on:


1) Building Character while Building Model Cars, promotes self-esteem and directly addresses the four steps of knowledgeable growth;


2) Class Without Walls, a progressive arts immersion class that focuses on the ideology that the world is a classroom and everything seen and unseen is a form of artistic expression;


3) Money Matters an in-depth approach to financial literacy for youth that equates money savvy with intelligence that reaches beyond the theory of financial awareness and responsibility into the practice of investment partnerships and wealth management. 


4) The Language of Technology (Introduction to Computers) is the glue that brings the other programs to life for families, friends and surrounding community. Youth learn basic computer skills and software literacy while developing their final presentations.  Youth also acquire vital independence skills learning a second or third language via a self-paced foreign language computer software program.