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Saving Our SONS

A Learning Experience With A Purpose:

Who Are We

Saving our SONs Book Club is a program designed to teach grammar school-aged boys 6-13 how to develop, enhance, and expand their reading and writing skills. The aim of the program is to motivate students to become more engaged in their education and to unleash their potential by creating an atmosphere for young men to develop a love for reading and writing.

The program's goal is to get the students interested and involved in literacy so they will ultimately foster some sort of desire within themselves that will help them perform better academically.


Saving Our SONs will facilitate workshops aimed at inspiring students, discussing what it takes to be a successful reader and writer, teaching them how to express their ideas in a clear manner, as well as offering interesting activities that provoke creativity while showing that reading and writing is both fun and a useful life skill.


From time to time we ask for volunteers from our community for informational presentations about life skills such as money management, job training, or respected professions of the past which makes the boys more likely to stick with school in prep for the rest of their lives. Through positive peer pressure, we hope they learn that they are worth saving before it's too late.

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